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ALL ABOUT WINNING – Performance Esport Coaching

Performance Esport coaching will give you the competitive edge to get more wins. I want to combine my roles which included research, performance analysis, and coaching to help the Esport community. My primary goals will be to assist you in optimizing your recovery, nutrition, physical activity/exercise, and incorporate mental training to improve your performance through online coaching.

What can be expected?

Performance Assessment – Detailed analysis that will discover where improvements should be made with regards to physical, nutritional, recovery, and mental performance

Weekly Webinar – 30-60 minutes of discussion on how to optimize your performance with a new emphasis each week. This will also allow us to communicate to help you and your team optimize training

Physical Performance – Investigate your risk for injury and provide you with a program to 1) decrease injury risk, 2) increase physical fitness, and 3) improve body composition

Nutritional Performance – Implement strategies to improve nutrition which will 1) improve stamina, 2) improve focus, and 3) improve body composition

Recovery Performance – Optimize recovery strategies to 1) increase focus, 2) decrease fatigue, and 3) improve gameplay

Mental Performance – Work with you and the coaches to help you get the most out of practice and perform optimally during competition

Coach Support – Support coaches through recommendations on optimal practice duration, frequency, scheduling, and how to best prepare the team to win

Online Esport coaching will mean that:

  • Location doesn’t matter, we’ll be here to help you
  • Scheduling a mutual time doesn’t matter
  • You will receive the same or greater support than in-person coaching
  • Cost effective. Online / remote coaching allows you to keep costs low while delivering phenomenal service


Individual performance coaching (Training Camp) is NOT open at the moment. I am currently only accepting teams. To provide quality coaching, I do limit the number of potential enrollees.

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Performance ASSESSMENT

weekly webinar

physical performance

nutritional performance


Recovery performance

Mental performance

Coach support

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Training camp



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Team coaching



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